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And we're walking....

27th. Aug, 2008 | 12:19 am
Currently: tiredtired

What do you do when your bus doesn't arrive for another hour when you have a psp in your inner pocket?
You walk 2 HOURS to get to the place you intended to go. Shouldn't be too bad but I still have nothing to show for it.
Oh well that's what you get when travelling with me. Better luck next time.

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shouldn't there be a heart where that hole is?

29th. May, 2008 | 01:22 pm
Currently: numbnumb

LJ I feel like crap.

Two days ago I broke up with my girlfriend. Sorta sudden but I was thinking about it for a little while. That night was just the proverbial final straw. Lately we seemed to have more and more arguments, and less fun times together to make up for those. I never had to break up before so this was particularly painful to do, especially because i still love her. It's just that it shouldn't be painful in dealing with her either.
The moment I gave her back my ring (which she gave me) I wished I hadn't, and i'm still not sure if I made the right decision. The past few days I've felt worse than I've felt in over two years.
I tried to talk to her on a couple of occasions but naturally she wouldn't talk to me and who blaims her. I just hope that in time she'll talk to me again. She's too valuable to let this just disolve into total nothingness.

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Times, they are...

21st. May, 2008 | 04:18 pm
Currently: happyhappy

Quick update. I'm not dead (yet), just haven't felt the urge to write here in a while.
A lot has happened though couple of weeks ago I went to animecon with my friends and busted my head open against Danny's. Apart from that it was a blast.
Skip ahead to today and you'll find that i've somehow managed to get my theory certificate. Another step towards getting my driving license.
This saturday will be Barts birthday (celebration... the F*$#er should have given it over a week ago :P).
Anyway...good times, good times

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I'm sorry....WHAT???

2nd. May, 2008 | 12:13 am
Currently: indescribableindescribable

Okay, short update.
Tomorrow I'm going to animecon. I'm really stoked to go and I'm seriously pleased with my faust costume.
Also I went to my girlfriends place this evening. It all went pretty well, even better than I thought it would go even. There was just one kink in the evening that I just thought was stupid enough to write down. Don't get me wrong, I think my girlfriends family is nice and all, but when her grandma told me with a straight face that: "it's impossible to have both a girlfriend and normal friends". I just stood there with a dumb look on my face. My girlfriend instantly takes anything her grandma says for a fact and this was no exception. Sometimes I wish she would learn to think a little more for herself on some matters.
Well...if anything spawns from these quotes we'll see later. First some humongous fun at animecon. Bya

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Me....in a suit

20th. Apr, 2008 | 11:19 pm
Currently: sleepysleepy

Hey LJ
I've had a nice couple of day behind me starting at friday when I had to dress up all nicely for my girlfriends promnight. Ofcourse she dressed up too and I could swear I felt my jaw hit the floor when I saw her first that night. The prom itself was pretty fun too. I had to try my hand at dancing but only crushed a few feet so that was a success in my book. the downside however was that I had to start work the next day at 7:30 so I stood there a little sleepbaked the entire day.
On top of all that I had a housewarming party that night so sleep was still a long ways away. The housewarming was actually something I didn't exactly look forward too as the only connections I had there was the resident and his girlfriend. The other partymembers however were all pretty geeky so not hard to approach at all and it wasn't long before the 4chan quotes started coming along (not in any way initiated by me though :P).
i've also started working on my faust costume for the upcoming animecon. I think it's gonna look pretty cool.
Well that's all folks
good night n' stuff

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Internet people

16th. Apr, 2008 | 11:01 pm
Currently: lazylazy

People on marktplaats are weird.
I put an old bunk bed we have on it for the low low price of 35 euro. Within one day it raised to 150 euro which left me sitting at my laptop in shear awe. It turned out however that some people think it's funny to post phony bids (Would have been funnier if I was the one doing it though). In the end we sold it to some guy who left me laughing on the floor for the bad spelling and grammar in his e-mail. I wonder if he talks this shitty in real life too.

On an unrelated note. My last exam period sucked. Out of 4 exams taken I only managed to ace one the rest I have to do over again. This sucks, but it didn't come as a huge surprise seeing as my work ethic is worse than that of a brick (no offense meant to bryan or his car). These results do however spur me on to work a little more in this last semester.
I'm off to work some now....okay a little later then. Cya

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14th. Apr, 2008 | 11:24 pm
Currently: blankblank

I've given myself the assignment to post here more often, not because of the hueg replies (meant to be misspelled). But I generally feel better getting stuff off my back like this. And I have a feeling that this resolution of mine will probably last...maybe even a month.

So what's been up on the being alive front. Well, last saturday we celebrated the coming of age of ballie (we call him that) which was, as my own b-day party, a fest of gaming and all that.
This time however I brought my little sister along with me (Got to know the rest of the guys, and was invited by ballie). This apparently meant a lot to ballie seeing as he couldn't turn of his ahhem...'charm' or something like that. It was a little weird seeing as it's my sister and all. And my sister and don't really have all that good of a relationship.
Now my sister will also come with us to the upcoming animecon, and if all goes like I think it will, the regular 'guys night out' will be history.
Not that I should complain though, at least like this I can keep an eye out for some of the reckless things she tends to do. And she behaves less nasty lately so this must have some sort of positive impact on her too.

so yeah, welcome to the complicated workings of my family n' stuff.
tune in next time for other rants (hopefully a little less rant-ish).

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Sleepy and yet...

7th. Apr, 2008 | 03:07 am

I'm too....something to sleep right now, for some reason I just can't get to sleep. I wrote down all the reasons I think I'm awake, but am self-cencoring enough not to post it here.
Comes down to it that I'm not all that happy in life as I probably should be.
(Not opting to be an hero though)
Well g'night LiveJournal

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7th. May, 2007 | 01:40 pm
Currently: peacefulpeaceful

So I finally got my animecon ticket in the mail, although it doesn't have the money transfer ticket with it. But I guess I can't be too picky on those kind of trivialities. I guess I'll just have to wire it over using the internets or something.

Also: In after no girls on internets. I went to a site that i guessed was meant to show how /b/'s 'anonymous' are spread over the world and the sexes. It however turned out to be /b/'s own little dating site or whatever. But just as it is with /b/ it's a place where the men are men and the women are men. When talking to women they turn out to be men. That should learn me a lesson on dating online. Especially on a site run by /b/-tards.

Btw my week-long vacation is over...damn I can't wait for the next one.

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It...is...alive! and pissed!

2nd. May, 2007 | 11:36 pm
Currently: angryangry

yeah i'm not ded (yet). i'm gonna summarize the entire part of blog stuuf that i've missed so i'll just pick up on that stuff from today.

today i've recieved an e-mail from animecon concerning the payment for my ticket. As last year I intend to go to animecon and i've registered to go there sometime last february. the ticket should've taken about a month to be mailed to me with a cheque to pay for,- and validate the ticket. about two weeks ago i finally got a mail saying that the ticket is FINALLY being sent and that they expect payment within the four weeks thereafter.

Now back to the mail of today. It said that now i've recieved the ticket I still have two weeks to pay for it. There's just one problem. I NEVER GOT THE FRIGGIN TICKET. There's probably been some mix-up or whatever, but now I don't have a ticket and I don't think they have the brain/man-power to send me one again (or send the first one over again) within the current 'deadline' of two weeks payment. I already sent the f***ers a mail back stating what i just told here (might have cleaned it up a bit) hoping against better knowing that I can still attend the con.

I hope it'll turn out better than what I expect. It'll do me a lot better for my nerves that's for sure.

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