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7th. May, 2007 | 01:40 pm
Currently: peacefulpeaceful

So I finally got my animecon ticket in the mail, although it doesn't have the money transfer ticket with it. But I guess I can't be too picky on those kind of trivialities. I guess I'll just have to wire it over using the internets or something.

Also: In after no girls on internets. I went to a site that i guessed was meant to show how /b/'s 'anonymous' are spread over the world and the sexes. It however turned out to be /b/'s own little dating site or whatever. But just as it is with /b/ it's a place where the men are men and the women are men. When talking to women they turn out to be men. That should learn me a lesson on dating online. Especially on a site run by /b/-tards.

Btw my week-long vacation is over...damn I can't wait for the next one.

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