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Internet people

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16th. Apr, 2008 | 11:01 pm
Currently: lazylazy

People on marktplaats are weird.
I put an old bunk bed we have on it for the low low price of 35 euro. Within one day it raised to 150 euro which left me sitting at my laptop in shear awe. It turned out however that some people think it's funny to post phony bids (Would have been funnier if I was the one doing it though). In the end we sold it to some guy who left me laughing on the floor for the bad spelling and grammar in his e-mail. I wonder if he talks this shitty in real life too.

On an unrelated note. My last exam period sucked. Out of 4 exams taken I only managed to ace one the rest I have to do over again. This sucks, but it didn't come as a huge surprise seeing as my work ethic is worse than that of a brick (no offense meant to bryan or his car). These results do however spur me on to work a little more in this last semester.
I'm off to work some now....okay a little later then. Cya

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