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Me....in a suit

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20th. Apr, 2008 | 11:19 pm
Currently: sleepysleepy

Hey LJ
I've had a nice couple of day behind me starting at friday when I had to dress up all nicely for my girlfriends promnight. Ofcourse she dressed up too and I could swear I felt my jaw hit the floor when I saw her first that night. The prom itself was pretty fun too. I had to try my hand at dancing but only crushed a few feet so that was a success in my book. the downside however was that I had to start work the next day at 7:30 so I stood there a little sleepbaked the entire day.
On top of all that I had a housewarming party that night so sleep was still a long ways away. The housewarming was actually something I didn't exactly look forward too as the only connections I had there was the resident and his girlfriend. The other partymembers however were all pretty geeky so not hard to approach at all and it wasn't long before the 4chan quotes started coming along (not in any way initiated by me though :P).
i've also started working on my faust costume for the upcoming animecon. I think it's gonna look pretty cool.
Well that's all folks
good night n' stuff

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Brain Fart

from: dhkite
date: 21st. Apr, 2008 06:40 am (UTC)

I had the jaw drop too when my girlfriend got dressed up, and that was only her birthday dinner. I think I'd die when she dresses up for the prom.

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