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shouldn't there be a heart where that hole is?

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29th. May, 2008 | 01:22 pm
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LJ I feel like crap.

Two days ago I broke up with my girlfriend. Sorta sudden but I was thinking about it for a little while. That night was just the proverbial final straw. Lately we seemed to have more and more arguments, and less fun times together to make up for those. I never had to break up before so this was particularly painful to do, especially because i still love her. It's just that it shouldn't be painful in dealing with her either.
The moment I gave her back my ring (which she gave me) I wished I hadn't, and i'm still not sure if I made the right decision. The past few days I've felt worse than I've felt in over two years.
I tried to talk to her on a couple of occasions but naturally she wouldn't talk to me and who blaims her. I just hope that in time she'll talk to me again. She's too valuable to let this just disolve into total nothingness.

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