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fro rly?

31st. Aug, 2006 | 12:16 am
Currently: awakeawake

So I got the last of my re-take exams done, and I have a pretty good feeling about it. I already got one grade back and it's increased to my liking:D

After doing so i went to a shop in delft that sells party items and dress-up stuff. I've been meaning to go there but simply...didn't. But now I have my 'fro for my pool guardian outfit.XD

-Downloaded the entire series of "his & her cimcomstances". haven't started watching it though. I saw a few episodes over at a friends house and really liked what i saw.
-Yugioh GX has started again and I'm eager to see what happens next although there is zero storyline:P.

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Chaos ZOMGWTF?!!1!

25th. Aug, 2006 | 02:36 pm
Currently: energeticenergetic

So...I finally get back from being in a bungalowpark all week and guess what happens...4chan dies on me. I don't know what actually happened. I just hope they didn't get V& (if you don't know what that means..lurk moar).

On another note. I recently started playing Monkey Island 1. And it's actually pretty engaging and funny 2 boot. I just got stuck sometimes but that's just something you have to internet your way through.

All other thing that happened are pretty minor so I'll just mention them quickly.
-New Yugioh banlist came out. pretty much killed chaosdecks which is nice.
-Slowly I continue the "Hitchhiker guide to the Galaxy" and I'm growing to like it moar and more.
-I'm going to check out what this whole MirC thing is. I'm very curious as to how it works. Maybe even a nice alternative to 4chan (should discipline self for blasphemy).


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What's going on over here?

16th. Aug, 2006 | 08:27 pm
Currently: calmcalm

Lol, haven't posted anything here in quite a while...
Haven't really been into the writing mood though. Well, I'm not going over everything i missed in the time not spent here so get over that:p.
I participated in the Benelux qualifiers for theyugioh tcg last sunday, didn't do all too good, but didn't stink either like I usually do at these things.

Furthermore I'm going away for a week to some sort of cottage stuff thingy (mustn't forget to print a pool guardian for the pool over there...Pool's Closed!!1). I'll be going back and forth between there and home because of some re-exams I have to do. Woe is me...
Wish me luck with them though. bya

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Post much?

17th. Jul, 2006 | 10:49 pm
Currently: boredbored

Wow, It's been quite al while since I last posted something here. A lot of things have happened though. First of all I went to Animecon the best description of this event can be found at the blog of cell1337
For some reason he wrote it out in a long blog.
I finished my exam-period which sucked major seeing the grades I got. Not going to elaborate on that any further.
Went to Amsterdam which was very fun, and got the new Megatokyo manga, of which I didn't expect to get ahold of for at least another month. Uhhm I went to the movie cars which was okay maybe a little funny at the end, but nothing mind-bogglingly innovative.
Went sailing with an ex-colleague somewhere in zoetermeer, he has a sailingboat that's probably older than me, was pretty nice in the sun though.
Ohw, and I tried to go watch the pirates o/t carribean movie just now, but after standing in line for 45 minutes they told us the tickets were sold out.-_-

Note: this entry is in no way organised chronologically, I wrote it down as it came to me.

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Doing stuff

29th. Jun, 2006 | 12:10 am
Currently: mellowmellow

So I haven't posted in a while, so here's a quick summary of what happened, and what I'm going to do. Not sure it will be in chonological order though.

- Went to Danny's (graduation) party. It was pretty funny between the booze, chess (yeah...chess) and all random people over there.

- Studied 'till I nearly dropped. Something to do with system responses, which I have the
feeling I miserably failed today.

- Finally finished my cosplay-costume. looks pretty cool, although I'm worried my poor stitching will cause it to fall apart after wearing it for an hour or so.

- Still studying for the next exammy, which will be on friday. W00T Mathematics

- On that same day I will depart for Animecon :D. Really excited to go there.

That's it, I'm going to sleep.

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School...what can I say

21st. Jun, 2006 | 12:02 am
Currently: goodgood

It''s been a few days since I last posted, but that's mainly because I haven't been up to much I guess. I've studied a lot to work up to today. The first exam-thingy I have in a series tha will go on for a while. It went pretty well today. It was about Linear Algebra and was do-able due to my extensive studying *cough*.

While studying I found relaxation in that series from nickelodeon called Avatar. I downloaded the entire first series, cause the ones on tv are all messed up, and I'm never around to see it. And I have to say..it rawx XD. Although keeping me from my studying isn't a good thing.

So today after my exam-thingy I went over to a fabric-store to buy some stuff for my coplay-costume. I actually picked up needle and thread to sew my add-ons to the suit, since you can't get a standard kabuto costume anywhere. It's coming together quite nicely. Even if I lack any sewing skillz. All I have to do/get now is the white sash for around my middle, and some spraying can or whatever to make my hair grey.
When it's finished, I'll probalby post a picture or something. Matbe I'll do it after Animecon Though.

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14th. Jun, 2006 | 11:44 pm
Currently: calmcalm

Well, the competition with the penalty-machines was yesterday, and it was actually a lot of fun.
I had zero expectations at the beginning, because at neither test we were successful at hitting the target. In the singeing heat (It was about 30 degrees celcius I guess) we had to tighten the machine up. And with the first shot...we hit it. :D
So I for one was very pleased. We made it trhough another round, after that we did okay, but just not as good as the rest I guess. (Marijn came and watched for that round).
After that I strayed until the finals which some group called "chuck Norris" won. I quickly got out of the heat after that, and went home. If you can read dutch, here's a report by the "telegraaf" newspaper.

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Meaningful title here

11th. Jun, 2006 | 05:13 pm
Currently: jubilantjubilant

Well, for the past few days, I've hardly been at home. So now I finally have internet access, I have some time to recap the past few days here.

Thursday was pretty boring, I just went to school as usual, and we updated our penalty machine so we could hit the target the next day. Something we absolutely did not get to do. The alterations on the machine were so random that instead of hitting the ball too low, it shot over the goal and ended up in a parking lot a bit further. but at leats now we're sure it has the power to make the accurate shot on the final competition on tuesday.

After the the test on the machine in went over to my girlfriends family. It was pretty quiet over there, but eventually we went to the beach to have a cup of tea, and just watch the setting sun. That's really nice to watch btw.

Saturday was as typical as ever for the most part. I went to the walk-in with casper and marijn. Sat there for a long while, playing yu-gi-oh tcg and after that we went to the mac. Not having anything else to do, and not wanting to go home yet, we set out for barts house. Who for some inexplicable reason couldn't come to the walk-in. Once there we quickly grew tired of doing nothing, and went to delft by bike because marijn wanted to catch the end of the "mooi-weer-spelen". It's got something to do with theatrical stuff, and wasn't really something for me and casper. So we went to a bar he's very familiar with. We played some chess and darts and had a few drinks. It was a nice bar all in all. Today I'm busy with my cosplay costume for animecon, which will be at the end of this month. I'll try to put up a picture of the penalty machine when i get the chance.

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work, work, work

7th. Jun, 2006 | 06:46 pm
Currently: workingworking

I've been really busy at school lately. We have some project going on for a couple of months now, and while I'm happy to see it coming to an end. It's those last couple of weeks where all the procrastination comes and bites you in the ass XD.
The assignment was to build a machine that can shoot a penalty. While the machine itself is finally done (It's still a piece of crap since it doesn't work well enough). We still have to turn in all kinds of reports and do a presentation. (Isn't presentation stuff for a marketing department instead of the mechanical engineers??) So right now I have to toil away at the computer to finish the entire product. Well...back to the writing boards.

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4th. Jun, 2006 | 02:18 pm
Currently: awakeawake

I've been kinda busy over the last couple of days. friday I went over to my girlfriends family. It was nice seeing and talking to them again. Plus I had another opportunity in losing to them at Triominos :p.

On Saturday I went to the walk-in as usual, only this time casper wasn't there 'cause he went to pinkpop with his father. So it dulled down quite fast. Bryan had the idea of going to see the movie "Silent Hill" to which I previously agreed. I later-on didn't want to go any more (partialy because I spent too much on a headband of the naruto anime series). So me and Marijn went oer to my house, and played some good old pokemon-tcg:P.

After that we watched the first 5 episodes of "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi". It's actually a better anime than I expected. After a very weird first couple of episodes the story brings a pretty serious background story while leaving the happy-ish stuff intact. The fact that the time-line in the series is kinda different is confusing at first, but now just makes me wonder even more... I'm gonna watch the next few episode now XD.

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