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It...is...alive! and pissed!

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2nd. May, 2007 | 11:36 pm
Currently: angryangry

yeah i'm not ded (yet). i'm gonna summarize the entire part of blog stuuf that i've missed so i'll just pick up on that stuff from today.

today i've recieved an e-mail from animecon concerning the payment for my ticket. As last year I intend to go to animecon and i've registered to go there sometime last february. the ticket should've taken about a month to be mailed to me with a cheque to pay for,- and validate the ticket. about two weeks ago i finally got a mail saying that the ticket is FINALLY being sent and that they expect payment within the four weeks thereafter.

Now back to the mail of today. It said that now i've recieved the ticket I still have two weeks to pay for it. There's just one problem. I NEVER GOT THE FRIGGIN TICKET. There's probably been some mix-up or whatever, but now I don't have a ticket and I don't think they have the brain/man-power to send me one again (or send the first one over again) within the current 'deadline' of two weeks payment. I already sent the f***ers a mail back stating what i just told here (might have cleaned it up a bit) hoping against better knowing that I can still attend the con.

I hope it'll turn out better than what I expect. It'll do me a lot better for my nerves that's for sure.

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