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14th. Apr, 2008 | 11:24 pm
Currently: blankblank

I've given myself the assignment to post here more often, not because of the hueg replies (meant to be misspelled). But I generally feel better getting stuff off my back like this. And I have a feeling that this resolution of mine will probably last...maybe even a month.

So what's been up on the being alive front. Well, last saturday we celebrated the coming of age of ballie (we call him that) which was, as my own b-day party, a fest of gaming and all that.
This time however I brought my little sister along with me (Got to know the rest of the guys, and was invited by ballie). This apparently meant a lot to ballie seeing as he couldn't turn of his ahhem...'charm' or something like that. It was a little weird seeing as it's my sister and all. And my sister and don't really have all that good of a relationship.
Now my sister will also come with us to the upcoming animecon, and if all goes like I think it will, the regular 'guys night out' will be history.
Not that I should complain though, at least like this I can keep an eye out for some of the reckless things she tends to do. And she behaves less nasty lately so this must have some sort of positive impact on her too.

so yeah, welcome to the complicated workings of my family n' stuff.
tune in next time for other rants (hopefully a little less rant-ish).

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Brain Fart

from: cell1337
date: 15th. Apr, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)

So it's definite she's comming along, then? That's.. uh... yeah. Funny, that. Having her along'll be weird for sure, at any rate. ;o

Also, if you end up being related to Ball, the sky's gonna come down on all our asses.

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